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I am Andreas, a Webdesigner from Austria who combines a passion for marketing with his extensive technical know-how to plan and create profitable web presences and campaigns for small and medium sized companies.

Over the last couple of years, the internet revolutionized the way business works. Nowadays, every company – no matter how small or big – can use  Online Marketing in smart ways to grow and flourish.

You see, if you do not yet have a functioning plan and system for customer acquisition on the web, you are leaving money on the table day in, day out. A lot of money! I am here to help you change that.

So, Do You Have A Plan?

How are you currently getting new customers through the Internet?

How many customers are you missing out on, because your presence in the world wide web is not professional enough?

What would it mean to your business, if you could increase the number of monthly customers by 20%? How about 50%? 100%? 

If these questions made you feel uncomfortable or curious, you should seize the opportunity and request a free business analysis now. I will analyse your current situation and create a first draft of a possible online strategy for your business, including expected revenues and costs.

Free Business-Analysis

Results-Driven Webdesign

The Foundation Of Your Business

A modern website that aligns with the corporate design of your company is the flagship of every successful online strategy. Almost all online marketing activities lead – either directly or indirectly – to your website. Therefore, the evaluation/adaptation of your existing website or the creation of a new website is high up on my agenda when working with new clients.

An exceptionally unique website.

Let's talk about it

Elegant Design

Perfectly tailored to the personality of your business.

Fast & Secure

Because nowadays page speed matters more than ever.

Efficient & Profitable

Because the most beautiful site in the world is useless, if it does not deliver results.

100% Responsive

To make sure your website also looks great on smartphones and tablets.

Online Marketing that works

Build on the foundation and benefit from it for years

Once your website is fully optimized and ready for business, I will focus on getting as many highly-targeted eyeballs as possible onto your new site. This way, you will build long-lasting, sustainable relationships with existing and potential customers. The whole marketing process is results driven, so that no money is wasted.

eMail Marketing

With professional email marketing you can achieve great results with relatively small effort and costs. For my clients I build email lists and send out well-written emails that convert, i.e. put money in your pockets. I even automate some of those emails, to further lower your costs while creating some kind of passive income for your business.


Social Media Management

A professional presence on social media is absolutely crucial for every business, since it is oftentimes the first point of contact for a customer. I will polish your social media pages and create a social strategy that you can follow in order to bond with your existing followers and gain new ones.

Online Advertising

The times when only big corporations could reach the masses with their ads are over. I create successful campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, reaching thousands of people with only very little ad spend. Perfect for e-commerce but also applicable to brick and mortar businesses.


 Sales Funnels

I build highly profitable Sales Funnels from the very beginnning (usually an ad) to the very end (repeat repurchases from new customers) and automate them as much as possible. Perfect for companies that offer high ticket products/services and want to build trust with new customers.

My clients from all over the world

100% satisfied thanks to high quality and fair prices

Many of my clients do not live in Austria and work with me through the Internet. Skype, Whatsapp and other technologies make it possible.


Luxury-Bedsheets from Austria

Banana Thai

Language tutor from Bangkok, Thailand

One Two Three Dental

Dentist in Leeds, UK

Brain Ignition

Health & Performance Coach from Canada

Tew’s Barber Shop

Barber Shop in Bangkok, Thailand

Broken Eggs

Gastrobar in Bangkok, Thailand

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